How to write a research project

A research project or paper can be defined as a piece of academic writing based on the author’s original research on a particular topic, the analysis and interpretation of the research findings.

For anyone who is in any higher institution, you must be  confronted with writing a research  project before you graduate therefore it is important for everyone to get acquainted with how it is done.


There are nine parts of the research project namely:

* Title page

* Abstract

* Introduction

* Body

* Materials and Method

* Results

* Discussion and Conclusion

* Reference

* Tables, figures and Appendix.


Steps To Writing a Research Project

  1. Choose a Topic:

Before choosing a topic, ask yourself if there is enough research available on the particular topic you want to write about. Make sure it is something that is unique enough for you to offer fresh opinion on and how it is related to your course of study and future occupation.

  1. Get Advice:

Talk to your friends, coursemates, lecturer or proffesor. Depending on who you are more comfortable with and who you’re sure will give you superior advice and insight into your topic of choice and tell you more efficient ways to narrow it down. Example if you were to write about Culture,  you could narrow it down to Nigerian Cultural Heritage.

  1. Gather Information:

This could be achieved by visiting the library, surfing the internet, conducting a research based on sharing questionnaires to get direct opinion of the people, etc. Use a minimum of five sources, don’t just depend on one or two. Diverse sources lends many different fresh perspective to your work. In citing your sources try to remain original.

  1. Make an Outline:

This will help you organise your writing and also know where to write things under the nine parts of the research project.


  1. Write your first draft.


  1. Edit your draft and outline. Read over and over again and also give someone to read as a part of editing the work.


  1. There are several referencing styles. Use the required one and also remember to cite all the sources you used so as to avoid tagging the work as plagiarism.




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